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On the night before Schwamstag, Wiesengrund steps out the door and embarks on his journey through the West Flemish music history of post-Babylonian Vegesack in the early 2070s. Look to the left, look to the back left, pirouette en dehors, left click. A field owl hums the "Marseillaise" in silent brum. Crawling sideways, Wiesengrund vigorously rubs the beautiful mountain, which, however, must soon fall down. Wiesengrund sighs, clears his throat, coughs, spits, inhales, breaks, gargles, swallows, smacks, weaves. Upon returning home, the finale thanks the concert scholarship recipients and recalls the old Wiesengrund, who is now happily married and invisibly sleeping on a hungry dockworker's full plate.


Johannes Wieners || Counterpoint

Jonathan Boudevin || Schlagbariton

Martijn Strating || Äh-Klavier


Yeah, so, we're three people, and we come together to make music, and then also create scenes and all that. And yeah, while doing that, we make sure that we do it well, and naturally, it's really important to us to have that artistic aspiration and everything. So, it's not just about being pleasant or entertaining, no, no, no, it should also give you something, you know, something to take away so that after the evening (or morning, well, we'd even perform in the morning if you want), when you're heading home, you also have something to ponder about, yeah.


I mean, if it were just entertainment or something, then that would be U-Musik, you know. No, no, no, we really don't want that, not at all. But somehow, when you call it E-Musik, it often becomes this high art and complex stuff, but then it also tends to be boring, well, we don't really want to be boring either, no, no, no. Yeah.

Yeah, and that's why we're called Äh-Musik.

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