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The three-member ensemble "Due sopra il Basso" has been making music since 2016. In an exceptional formation – two singers and a lutenist – they bring to life music from the Renaissance and Baroque periods. Lute, theorbo, and Baroque guitar were known as basso continuo instruments at that time. Hence the name: "Two above the Bass" – Due sopra il Basso.


After a tumultuous and successful first concert season with a program featuring Italian Villanelle and instrumental pieces from the early Baroque era, the ensemble recorded the demo CD "Italia!" in the summer of 2017. In October 2018, they followed up with another CD production titled "Lieder für ein fürstliches Brautpaar" (Songs for a princely bridal couple). The repertoire includes, among others, the Airs de Cour composed in 1632 in Emden by Louys de Moy, the court lutenist of the city at that time.


Between 2018 and 2020, Due sopra il Basso performed their program "Deutschland?" (Germany?), which is a wide-ranging mix of secular and sacred pieces from the Renaissance and early Baroque periods.


For the year 2022, the ensemble received funding from the Neustart Kultur fund for their new program "Die Gaben des Bacchus" (The Gifts of Bacchus), allowing them to create a theatrical program centered around the famous god of ecstasy and wine, which they are now presenting in various places.


For some time now, Alma Stolte has been regularly performing on the Baroque cello and viola da gamba with Due sopra il Basso.

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