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After having been involved for years as freelance musicians in many projects within Berlin's "contemporary music" scene, it has become evident that the barrier between the stage and the audience has always been a significant challenge when trying to introduce new forms of musical expression to new ears and minds. Nonexistent consideration of the listener, overly romantic views of some composers or artists regarding their own practice—these are just a few of the numerous issues that the current world of "contemporary music" is facing. A simple visit to a concert and the sight of all too often numerous empty seats (fortunately, there are exceptions) is enough to convince oneself that a disconnection between what we call "music" and its fundamental functions (from an anthropological standpoint) has occurred.


In response to this situation and in an effort to rekindle what sound production has always been to me, as well as for most individuals dedicating their lives to it—a source of joy and celebration—we established the "Workers Union" ensemble. This ensemble comprises 6 musicians from 4 different nationalities and is dedicated to a new approach to the repertoire of the so-called "Neue Musik" of the 21st century. The ensemble strives to create a moment in which all notions of musical hierarchy and genre fade away. Only the musicians' skill remains a constant in this act of "de-genring": virtuosity and the joy of playing converge all the diverse musical occurrences without resorting to any demagoguery. By collaborating on contemporary composers such as Carola Bauckholt, Bernhard Lang, or Tiziano Manca, we endeavor to infuse a theatrical dimension into the act of performing musical pieces, no matter how intricate they may be.

Friederike Kühl || soprano

Annika Westlund || mezzosoprano

Johannes Wieners || countertenor; composition

Jonathan Boudevin || baritone; drums; composition

Sergio Katich Bayona || flute

Martijn Strating || piano; synthesizer; composition

Dario Guerrero || bass; composition

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